One Hour Menu Tasting

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Last week Toronto Common launched our first event at One Hour Cafeteria with a delicious Menu Tasting of Noodles, Bubble Tea and Snacks!

With warm noodles, cozy bean bag chairs, and 25 guests all in the back section of the restaurant, it was the perfect way to spend a snowy winter night.

“The location was well chosen. It had the perfect mixture of elegant yet casual. Bean bag chairs were a huge plus and added to the unique experience. The food was also well made, everything tasted delicious. It was all well timed to span the entire 2 hours that it was scheduled for.”

Attendees got a sampling of some of One Hour’s most popular dishes; beef tendon, sweet & spicy wontons, fried chicken wings, cold noodles, braised beef noodle, xiao guo rice noodle, and fungus soup, along with 3 of their signature drinks; banana tea, mango slush and roselle slush.

“I really liked that I got to try so many different dishes! Usually I would like to try different things on the menu too but I won’t be able to finish everything if I did order so many. This event is perfect!”

* Quotes were taken from anonymous post-event survey.

All photos taken by Toronto Common. For more photos & videos visit us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Thanks to all those who attended & thanks to One Hour Cafeteria for being such a great host & for taking a chance on a new site!

“I think we can do this again” – Shane Shao, One Hour Cafeteria Owner

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