8th Deadly Sin Burger Night

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This past Friday Toronto Common hosted a sinfully decadent Burger Night at the 8th Deadly Sin, a new restaurant and bar on Gloucester St just east of Yonge St.

With a large share table and a delicious menu of lobster poutine, freshly ground burger with 3 premium toppings (bacon, mushrooms, cheese, plus caramelized onions), and an extremely decadent toasted marshmallow cheesecake with bourbon caramel and chocolate ganache and beer, it was a great micro-event to catch up with friends and get to know new ones.

The 8th Deadly Sin was introducing their new freshly ground burgers, all prepared fresh daily in-house with locally sourced beef. Tho their lobster poutine and cheesecake were much appreciated additions as well and a beer to wash it all down.

“I don’t usually like cheesecake but it was so good!”

We’d like to thank all our attendees and the wonderful hosts at the 8th for a great night and look forward to out event this Friday with their in-house sausages and Ontario craft beers, Friday January 31st, 7-9pm.

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