Ramen Tasting at Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya

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All February Toronto Common is hosting a ramen tasting at Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya!

So much of ramen is in the broth and with so many different choices sometimes it’s hard to know what to order.

Ryoji took the guess work out of ramen offering 4 of their most popular ramens in tasting sizes.

  • Tonkatsu – A rich pork bone broth
  • Shio – A light chicken & pork bone broth
  • Shoyu – A soy based broth
  • Vegetable – A konbu & mushroom broth

With 5 locations in Okinawa, Ryoji offers authentic Japanese cuisine and wanted guests to try the unique flavours in their different types of ramen.

In addition, Ryoji included 4 starter samplers, a sake tasting and dessert as well.

“The food was good – although there was a large party, every dish seemed to be up to par and not sloppy as would be expected when serving so many people.”

Our first event was held last Tuesday Feb 4th and we’d like to thank all our attendees joining in the fun, Ryoji for hosting the event, and BlogTO for mentioning our event on their Toronto Food Events!

* Quote taken from anonymous post-event survey.

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