FAQ – What does minimum attendance mean?

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Most of our events have a minimum attendance in order for the event to occur. The minimum is for the total amount of tickets sold.

So if the minimum attendance is 4, that means 4 tickets in total need to be sold in order for the venue to host the event. Not that people need to purchase tickets in groups of 4.

All our events welcome parties of any size as long as there are tickets available. Buy a ticket just for yourself, or buy all the tickets for you and your friends.

Since many of our events are shared experiences, we set a minimum because it sometimes does not make sense to host the event without a certain number of attendees.

In the event that we do not reach our minimum attendance the full amount of each ticket will be refunded through Eventbrite.

If you have any questions about an event, it’s minimum attendance or any other questions, please contact us at info@torontocommon.com.