A Ramen By Any Other Name…

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With another sold out ramen event last night at Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya, we have to ask…

Would a ramen by any other name still taste as sweet… savoury… absolutely delicious?

Contrary to popular belief, ramen was not brought here by a famous celebrity chef from New York. 🙂

And it’s debatable whether ramen originated from Chinese noodles.

But rather than debate food politics or history our motto at Toronto Common is just try them all for yourself! 🙂

Whether you love ramen, been meaning to try it or you’re looking for something new, our two events this weekend will definitely satisfy!

Like ramen, both One Hour Cafeteria and Noodle Face Co, offer delicious noodles in a flavourful, rich, broth.

Both locations make all their broths in-house, from scratch with quality ingredients, never any msg or preservatives.

And like our ramen tasting event, you can try many noodle dishes along with starters and tea or bubble tea tastings for a set price, including tax & tip! Both events are under $20 and have had sold out events of their own!

But make no mistake, this is not ramen.

Each location offers their unique take on some famous Chinese noodle dishes, many dating back centuries.

From a Sweet & Spicy Cold Noodle to Braised Beef Noodle to DanDan noodles, this is Chinese comfort food at it’s best!

So step out of your ramen comfort zone and give another noodle a try this weekend!

To view the menu for each event and purchase tickets visit…

Saturday, March 15th, 2-4pm, Menu Tasting @ One Hour Cafeteria

Sunday, March 16th, 1-3pm, Modern Beijing Tasting @ Noodle Face Co

Or to attend our next Ramen Tasting with a new limited time special ramen visit…

Tuesday, March 25th, 7-9pm Ramen Tasting @ Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya

Hope to see you soon!

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