Izakaya Tasting at Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya

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Our next Izakaya Tasting at Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya coming up this Wednesday April 2nd, 7-9pm and we realized we forgot to post our first event, oops…

With a large share table at the front of the house that seats 12, and delicious, innovative food, we always thought Ryoji was perfect location for Toronto Common events. And being host to our very popular ramen tasting, we thought it would be nice to showcase their other menu items as well.

Izakaya’s are causal after work drinking and small snacks establishments in Japan quickly becoming popular in North America. They usually serve everything from grilled meats to sashimi to deep fried snacks with a variety of drinks.

With 5 Izakayas and 6 ramen locations in Okinawa, Ryoji offers traditional and inventive Okinawan cuisines and ramens.

Guests to our izakaya tasting were treated to everything from Ryoji’s in-house peanut tofu, made fresh daily, and their in-house pickles to their slow braised pork belly and freshly prepared sashimi with soy foam.

This week’s izakaya tasting will feature 3 special ‘dips’ for sashimi, all prepared in-house. The original soy foam, a matcha green tea salt, and a sumiso (sweet rice wine vinegar miso) dipping sauce.

We’d like to thank all our guests for attending and Ryoji for hosting such a fun event!

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