Family Style vs Tastings?

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Both are delicious and we love hosting both but we did notice some challenges with our tastings and thought we’d try family style as well.

The main difference is menu tastings are individual portions and family style is shared plates but both offer variety and a shared experience.

One of the reasons we started adding family style events is because with menu tastings we would get mixed responses about the amount of food. All the meals are guaranteed better value than regular price but the total quantity varies by venue, and whether that’s enough food varies on the person. Some people wouldn’t eat all day expecting loads of food, others hated the idea of wasting food but were completely stuffed.

At the same tasting we had some guests say it was way too much food, and others saying it wasn’t enough. And everyone had a different opinion on a dish they could do without and one they couldn’t get enough of.

So we thought why not family style!

Those that just want a taste could be satisfied, those that wanted more could have seconds, once everyone had had a taste of course. And with so many different choices we found it evened out better, rarely did guests fight for the same dish but more often than not there was someone that wanted something that others were happy to pass up.

And the easier service meant businesses could offer better value too and serve more efficiently. Plus some foods while delicious, just are not meant for tastings… could you imagine a fried chicken tasting? But who doesn’t love fried chicken! (On that same note we would never serve ramen family style so tastings aren’t going anywhere).

And Toronto Common is all about a shared experience, no networking or speed dating please, but a simple could you pass the salt, how did you like it, would anyone mind if I finished this, made for a more communal dinning experience.

There are already many ways you can dine with friends or on your own in the city, we’re trying to open up the idea of something new. A new dish, a new conversation, a new way to enjoy a meal, a new way to socialize. Come with friends, make friends, why not?

Some great upcoming Family Style Events:

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Celebrate Spring! @ Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria








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