Glow in the Dark Ping Pong at SPiN

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With our next Glow in the Dark Ping Pong event less than a week away, we realized we never posted about our first event!

Glow in the Dark Ping Pong is a weekly event at SPiN, a fun ping pong night club on King W in Toronto, and a monthly event with Toronto Common.

A great mix of music, drinks, food, and ping pong, SPiN offers something more than your typical nightclub. And with every table booked when we arrived, it was great that SPiN reserved 2 tables just for us!

You can always walk in to SPiN, hang out at the bar, eat or watch others play, but tables are usually booked in advance, especially on busy nights.

Toronto Common guests got to play for 2 hours, with cosmic popcorn, a black light gin + tonic each, and grilled cheese sandwiches to share for $25 tax and tip included! And this month with guests coming from our Celebrate Spring event at Famoso, we’re skipping the grilled cheese and going straight to ping pong for $20 tax and tip included. Popcorn and gin + tonic still provided. 🙂

Toronto Common is more than just food, we’re about shared experiences, and activities like ping pong at SPiN provide a great way for people to interact. We never want ‘meeting people’ to be the only objective of our events, but it’s nice to share an experience with friends & strangers.

We’d like to thank all our attendees and SPiN for hosting such a fun event and can’t wait for next Tuesday!


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