Meaty Monday at Famoso Annex!

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Our Meaty Monday kicked off on the first Monday of July and has been a weekly favourite all month.

With a selection of Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria’s meatiest dishes, including lots of prosciutto and fire-roasted chicken, even their salad has meat!

Our family-style Famoso events offer the option to join our communal table or book a table of 4 for an easy catch up with friends.

Guests get the Famoso salad, prosciutto wrapped mozzarella balls, polpette al forno, Prosciutto & Arugula pizza, BBQ Chicken pizza, and Siciliana pizza all served family style plus individual italian sodas and gelato for dessert, all for $20 tax & tip included!

Thanks Famoso and all our attendees for such a fun event!

Our last Meaty Monday event is this Monday, July 28th!

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