Onigiri Workshop at Abokichi

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With so many people on the wait list for their popular Onigiri WorkshopsAbokichi is planning to host this event regularly at their Dupont location and Toronto Common is invited!
Space is extremely limited, just 6 spots! for this fun, Japanese experience, $35 all included!
Onigiri is a traditional Japanese grab and go snack, a ball of rice, with filling, usually wrapped in nori for extra flavour and portability, that ranges from a convenient store staple to gourmet speciality store treat!
Abokichi has brought this popular snack to Toronto with a focus on show casing quality ingredients and a mix of traditional Japanese, and non-traditional flavour combinations.
The workshop includes all the ingredients to make onigiri during the workshop:
  • Haigamai* – between white and brown rice, haigamai is half-milled rice, for better taste and texutre
  • Gomoku* – shiitake, burdock root, and carrot mixed with sweet and savoury haigamai rice
  • Beet* – beets and pickled plum mixed with haigami rice
  • Pickled Plum
  • Pickled Ginger
  • Stewed Kelp*
  • Tomato Confit*
  • Shoyu Free-Range Chicken*
  • Chipotle Mayo Wild Salmon*
  • Chili Pulled Pork*
  • Curry Okazu*
  • Chili Okazu*
* all prepared in-house using their signature recipes and quality ingredients, all meats are without the use of added hormones and antibiotics.
Plus a 125mL jar of Chili Okazu and 10 special Onigiri Nori Wrappers to make your onigiris for take away or to take home on it’s own to practice wrapping with your own rice and fillings.

Abokichi, the “Fortunate Avocado”, is a modern Japanese cafe focused on showcasing quality ingredients and often lesser known ingredients.

Like the avocado, a South American fruit that has found it’s way into the hearts of people all over the world, Abokichi is dedicated to the sharing and interaction of cultures and cuisines that helps promote diversity and creativity in this wonderful city!

Abokichi offers a selection of salads, sandwiches, roti, onigiri, coffees, teas, kombucha and house made condiments and preserves available for take away, dine in, and catering. 

This offer will not be available at the door.

Set Attendance: 6 people

Tickets must be presented (printed or electronically) to check-in.

Each ticket is a unique one-time use code and cannot be shared.

This is a communal event, guests will play with other guests.

If you have any questions about this event or Toronto Common events in general please visit our FAQ or Contact us directly.