Whisky 2.0 – Barrel Aging Whisky/Whiskey at Boxcar Social Riverside

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With so many Whiskies at Boxcar Social (and so many locations) they’re adding a NEW series of Whisky events with Toronto Common, this time at their Riverside location featuring the influence of barrels on the aging process.

Boxcar Social’s Whisky director has selected a series of whiskies to showcase the differences between non-age statement versus age statement single malts, single barrel versus small batch bourbon, and a cask finished vs a cask strength single malt.

Whiskies come from all over the world, use different grains, and have different traditions. The one binding element of the spirit is barrel-aging. Every variety has it’s own standards and practices, but what makes a whisky shine with golden or amber hues is the type of barrel or cask it’s rested in.

From virgin American Oak for Bourbon, to the Sherry casks used in Single malts, the wood will define much of the colour, aromas, flavours, and finishes of a whisk(e)y.

In this tasting series, Ray will be taking us on an in depth look at how different casks affect the final product. What’s involved in aging. How are different casks used to create unique flavour experiences. What are the rules of barrel aging.

A selection of Crostini, Cheese & Charcuterie will be available as well.

Boxcar Social is quickly taking over the city landscape with a location in Summerhill, Leslieville, and now Harbourfront, plus two off shoots the Slip (summer patio) and Clocktower Bar.

The concept behind Boxcar Social was simple: Do what they love, do it with friends, and do it really well. Offering a curated, rotating list of coffees from the best roasters in the world, a careful selection of some of the world’s top wines, craft beers, and whiskies – they strive to create the most unique tasting experience for their customers. And enjoy every minute of it.


All tickets must be purchased online the night before the event by 11pm.
No tickets will be available at the door.
Maximum attendance: 12 people
Guests should arrive 5 minutes prior to event to check-in. Event will start on time.
Tickets must be presented (printed or electronically) to check-in.
Each ticket is a unique one-time use code and cannot be shared.
This is a communal event, guests will be seated with other guests.

Guests must be 19 years or older with valid government issued photo ID.

If you have any questions about this event or Toronto Common events in general please visit our FAQ or Contact us directly.