2 Guests for 1 Pinkberry Dessert Bar Ticket, January event only!

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Great news! Pinkberry has agreed to 2 guests per ticket for our January Pinkberry Dessert Bar event. Tickets for Toronto Common events usually cannot be shared but with such a family friendly event, we had a lot of requests to share tickets with kids or between kids. And since the seating works out the same whether it’s a kid or adult we thought it’s just easier to say tickets can be shared. 🙂

Try all 6 flavours – Original, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut, Pomegranate, Just Mango and their NEW Pink Grapefruit with the option of 3 toppings each. PLUS a $10 gift card and 10% VIP card for all future visits.

Visit torontocommon.com for tickets and info!