Attendee Tips

Here are some tips for making your attendee experience fun and stress-free!

  1. Arrive on time

    All Toronto Common events start on time, in fact we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to make sure you’re checked in before they start. Don’t miss out on starters, drinks and a great chance to chat with other attendees, arrive on time.

  2. Remember your table manners

    Many Toronto Common events are served family-style but almost none are buffets so please mind your manners. Remember to leave enough for others and only take seconds once everyone has had a chance to try each dish. Also remember to use communal serving utensils and avoid double dipping.

  3. Be Social, Engaging, Respectful

    Toronto Common events are meant to be social. Enjoy meeting new people as well as catching up with friends, but avoid controversial topics like politics, religion, or other topics that may cause offence. Whatever your personal opinion, it is not fair to offend or make others uncomfortable at dinner.

  4. Personal Space

    While you may greet with kisses on the cheek, hugs, or handshakes, others may not. Always consider others comfort when greeting people and while we do not recommend one greeting over another, we do recommend accepting others preference for more personal space if they express it.