Hosting FAQs

Who hosts the event?

The business hosts the event, we are a listing service tho we can help with event ideas, structure, and business objectives as part of creating the posting process.

We attend the first of every event to live post but we do not organize or administrate the events.

What does this service include and how much does it cost?

For our full service details and pricing please visit Hosting Service.

Are you an influencer/food blogger/curator?

Not really, Toronto Common is an event listing site. All our events offer better than regular price events that include tax and tip. We set the expectation and build the trust with our audience that those criteria will be met but we do not curate events or rate, rank, or review businesses or events.

Our goal is to make it easier for people to try something new rather than tell people what is good or what to try, that way businesses can attract those best suited for their business.

What is loyalty marketing?

Loyalty marketing is about rewarding, encouraging, incentivizing good behaviour. It can be as simple as a “Buy 10 and get 1 Free” cards or as complicated as collecting points to redeem for rewards.

The important thing to remember for all loyalty programs is to focus on ideal behaviour rather than attracting new versus old customers.

Loyalty is about identify the most beneficial behaviour for the business and offering incentives for that behaviour over other types of behaviour.

A great example of loyalty marketing is the Starbucks App and Loyalty Program. Once someone joins the program Starbucks offers a lot of different incentives focused on bringing you back in the store, trying new things, and bringing friends. Sometimes the best customers are your existing customers because they are already interested in your business and require less incentive to come back.

How do you choose events?

Toronto Common is a listing service, we want to create a one-stop shop for micro-events in the city and believe that variety is the spice of life. While we offer consulting on events to match your business needs, we do not vet events other than to ensure it’s better value than regular price and we encourage businesses to be creative.

As long as the event is a better offer than regular price we will list the event and help promote it.

Should I be promoting the event on my social media?


Your existing customers are your best brand ambassadors. They are often looking for an excuse to bring their friends out to try your business and a Toronto Common event is the perfect way to introduce their friends to your business in a very easy to plan way.

If you’re worried about only attracting existing customers we can help structure the event to minimize repeat regulars but a few regulars can also go a long way in convincing new customers that your business is amazing!

And remember, old or new, the goal is to shift behaviour to what you’d like, come in on a slow day, order something new, order more, etc.

What if no one comes to the event?

It happens, our events are very niche and sometimes timing or the offer is not attractive enough to bring in an audience.

Our price per event is low exactly for this reason, we want to be an easy way to test new ideas. We’re the twitter of the event world, small events at lower costs to get new ideas out there easily.

Before you invest in a new menu, new service, or large event, test it out and see how it goes. Good businesses are always testing the market and at $150 for 3 events ($50 per event), it’s a very cost effective way to test the market. And regardless of attendance, your business gets online exposure on multiple channels including permanent search optimization, and regular posts leading up to every event.

And to encourage businesses to be experimental we even offer one free repost to a new date or even whole new event for any event that does not occur due to lack of attendance.

What is your reach?

As of August 1, 2014 we average 140 views on our website a day, each event averages 100 clicks on their event, we have 235 Facebook followers, 320 twitter followers, 925 Instagram followers, 355 email signups with a 46% open rate, and 10% click through rate (as of October 14th, 2014).

We also post all our events on BlogTO events and Yelp Events, and often get featured on other event sites like Zagat,, View The Vibe, Toronto Life, NOW, and more. We are also strategic in search optimization and often continue to bring traffic to our clients sites even after events with direct links to their website and keyword

To keep posting costs and to keep our social media effective for market research, we do not run contests, inflate followers, or pay for likes or follows. All our web traffic is organic through search optimization, word of mouth, and social media and we do not pay for ad placement or offer giveaways for blog posts.

Do you have a set ticket price?

No, we do not have a set price. Businesses should set their ticket price according to their business objectives.

Generally for new customers you should aim to have the event be a little less than your average customer spend.

If you wish to increase customer spend you can try higher ticket prices so long as it is better than regular price, however, increasing customer spend should be targeted to your existing customers to be the most effective.

Is this a food tour?

No, we focus on attracting people interested in a particular business because they are more likely to be repeat customers for that business. Food tours often attract people looking to be social or wanting to try a variety of things, which is great but the cost of running a tour can be expensive and therefore it is harder to create great value for small groups.

We also do not only focus on food, tho the majority of our events at the moment are food related.

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