Hosting Service

Toronto Common is professional marketing, list rental, and public relations service for businesses to post micro events; small events designed to invite the right target customer in to try your business that utilizes online tools to maximize impact while minimizing risk, cost, and spend!

Our events have been featured along side some of Toronto’s large food events on sites like BlogTO’s Food Events listing and Toronto Life’s Dish but with a much lower investment in time, energy, and resources.

We work with your existing resources; promoting existing menu items (or testing planned new ones), using off-peak times, and working with existing branding to create strategic incentives (in the form of events) to maximize exposure and online presence while providing a high level of control and targeting to attract REPEAT business.

Utilizing loyalty marketing principles, we work with you to create the right incentive to attract your target market rather than regular event goers or one-off customers. Then use online channels to communicate that message efficiently. The right offer can easily go viral with so many easy to share online communications and an easy, no fuss, ticket solution. A less popular offer is easily tested with minimal cost and resources spent.

We believe in a highly competitive and ever evolving market (like Toronto’s restaurant industry), a successful business needs to speak for itself, and we help amplify that message without gimmicks, tricks, or traps to ensure the customers we bring are genuinely interested in your business.

By creating a model of transparency and trust with our audience with an all included pricing model, better than regular price guarantee, real-time posting, real/unpolished food photos, and minimal hype, we attract those that are genuinely interested in your product and brand for the highest possibility of repeat, regular customers.

Whether you’re promoting your existing offering, or looking to test out a new offering, we provide the platform to test the market effectively and build your audience organically.

For more info on how we work visit Why Toronto Common? or contact us at


Our NEW hosting service


  • Event Strategy Guidance, Copy Writing, and Social Media Photography
  • Eventbrite Event Setup on Toronto Common’s Eventbrite Page
  • New Event Announcement Post on (search optimized) plus email announcement, BlogTO event submission, Yelp event submission.
  • Event Promotion on Social Media
    • including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (1-2 times per week)
  • Live Post First Event
    • including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr
  • Eventbrite training to check ticket sales and check in guests for future events
  • All ticket revenue minus Eventbrite fees directly transferred  to your account in 5-7 business days (fees and timing subject to change from Eventbrite)
  • 1 Month Photo Access for Download on Google Drive after last event.
  • Reporting Summary Post 1 Month after last event



  • Announce at least 2 weeks before first event
  • Host Event Once a Month for 6 Months*
  • Ticket sales close 11pm the night before the event
  • Real-time access to ticket sales through Eventbrite

* We’ve found monthly repeat events work best because if people can’t make one date they can attend another and if the event is popular people tend to tell their friends to go to the next one. Also one month is enough time that people do not take it for granted or only go to events instead of returning to the business themselves. And those that attended previous events often tell their friends to attend subsequent events. It’s also easier for staff if the same event repeats instead of switching events too often. Where it make sense we can also look at biweekly for 3 months.



  • up to 16 (no minimum)**

** Previous events had a minimum attendance but we found it was deterrent for attendees, many wanted to wait until they knew the event was happening before buying tickets and the event never got enough traction. Also too many attendees made it hard for businesses to plan into their regular service. The idea is to offer a small really exclusive offer, not a mass offer.



  • Better than Regular Price Offer for Guests, tax & tip included
  • $600 +HST posting fee
  • Eventbrite Fees (6% ticket price + $0.60) per Ticket Sold***
  • 1 ticket to first event

*** Eventbrite Fees and timing are subject to change, we will do our best to notify hosts of any changes as soon as possible.



  • Toronto Common Offers
  • Toronto Common Media Events
  • Business Eventbrite Training and Setup – $600 +HST
  • Press Release – $250 +HST per release (up to 500 words) plus all press release fees
  • Social Media Posting (2 posts per week) – $250 +HST per month
  • Additional Live Posting – $120 +HST per Event plus 1 Ticket
  • Professional Photography/Videography Services – $250 +HST per hour plus 1 Ticket
  • Graphic Design & Print Services – $250 +HST per hour, print costs will vary
  • Digital Consulting Services through SustainableMrk – starting at $200 +HST for consultation


For more information on hosting events please contact us at or visit our Hosting FAQ.