Effective Online Marketing for just $100 per month!

Any marketer or business owner will tell you, the best form of marketing is word of mouth.

And with more ways to share then ever before, viral marketing is the holy grail of word of mouth marketing.

Friends tell their friends, their friends tell their friends, without any additional cost for reach and exposure!

And by making the offer an easy to understand, easy to redeem, impulse buy, micro-moment ready type solution, we make it easy for new customers to come in and try your business.

Today decisions are made in a micro moment, a browse while we’re waiting in line, on our way home, waiting for a friend. The easier the decision, the more likely you’ll capture a new customer.

Toronto Common works on very simple principles.

  1. Build a trusted platform
  2. Create a share worthy offer/event
  3. Make it easy and manageable to redeem
  4. Put it on as many channels as possible
  5. Repeat

By working with your business to design micro-events (small events with great offers that are easy yes/no type decisions) we make it easy for potential new customers to try your business and tell their friends without much effort.

Trying a new restaurant can be stressful in Toronto’s highly competitive industry.

  • What restaurant?
  • What day?
  • What time?
  • Who makes the reservation?
  • Do they take reservations?
  • What shall we order?
  • How much will it cost?

Not to mention cancellations, changes, splitting the cheque.

By removing choice and adding value, we make it easier for friends to make plans with friends and easier for new guests to try your business.

We promise our guests better than regular price value, an all in ticketing model, and clear transparent messaging. We also have set times so there’s less back and forth coordination and our events repeat so if one time doesn’t work, there’s always a few others.

From the business side, we offer effective online marketing at extremely affordable prices.

$600 for one event repeated 6 times for up to 6 months means $100 a month for online advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, BlogTO events, Eventbrite, Website with Search Optimization, and email.

We write the copy, take the photos, use effective hashtags, and manage multiple communities for the event and promote to a new audience.

Even hosting the same event to your existing audience is less effective then using our services because your following already knows and likes your business, that’s why they follow you, whereas our following has a greater potential to be new business.

And even tho the offer itself is designed for promotion, not profit, the redemption is controlled to minimize cost and risk.

You can limit the number of attendees, set the date and time, know the number of guests ahead of time, and decide all menu items to manage costs and maximize effective use of existing resources.

Our average views per post are 1,200, our average views per event are 15,000 (not including BlogTO event views) and each event is repeated up to 6 times for maximum exposure.

Plus events are often posted about and shared by attendees increasing exposure for subsequent events.

Events start at $600 + HST for one event repeated up to 6 times for up to 6 months.

We help with event strategy, copy writing, social media photography, and we do all the posting, search optimization, and engagement on Eventbrite, BlogTO events, torontocommon.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and email for our media channels.

The business keeps all ticket revenue minus Eventbrite fees (6% plus $0.60*).

For more information on our services or to host your first event please contact us at info@torontocommon.com or call us at 647-895-4881.

* Eventbrite fees and payments are controlled by Eventbrite.

How Guests Find Us

“I saw you on BlogTO” – Ramen Tasting at Ryoji

“I googled ‘Italian Wine Tasting in September’ and your event came up first.” – Italian Wine Pairing Dinner at The Peasant Table

“My friend went your last event and sent me the link” – Cold Ramen Tasting at Ramen Raijin

“I was looking for things to do on Eventbrite and your event came up” – Summer Tasting Series Finale at the Black Hoof

“I get your emails” – we hear this one at many events

Why Guests Like Us

“I like that there’s so much choice, without having to make any choices.” – Epic Ramen Tasting at Ryoji

“I love the value, I can’t believe we got to try so many things.” – Summer Sake Series at Zakkushi

“It’s great that all the information is in one link, I can send it to friends and they just need to say yes or no.” – Summer Sake Series at Woodlot

“I always meet the most interesting people at these events even tho I never come to meet people.” – Meatless Monday at Sher-E Punjab