How can we help?

Toronto Common is all about helping businesses grow!

We have over 15 years experience in online marketing including 5 years loyalty marketing and changing consumer behaviour experience supporting national brands like Club Sobeys, Aeroplan, and Indigo Rewards.

Changing consumer behaviour is about offering the right incentives and encouragement for the ideal behaviour. Not all customers are equal, not all business is equal. Offering incentives for more profitable behaviour is something large brands have been doing for years, it’s the main reason loyalty programs exist and it’s become highly targeted.

Toronto Common uses events to elicit the same changes in behaviour offering deals on Tuesday, menu tasting to entice customers to try more or including multiple items to encourage higher spend.

We work with you to create an event that targets the right audience and below are some of our most common requests:


Attracting New Customers

Attracting new customers is mostly about price and variety. Customers unfamiliar with your brand are willing to spend less and are less likely to commit to one offering in case they don’t like.

Menu tastings, samplers, and smaller events are better for introducing new customers to your business.

Pricing should be less than your average customer spend even tho the offering is worth more and the more variety the better. Have extra staff on hand if needed to ensure great service for new customers and have a manager or owner available to welcome new customers.


Promoting New Products & Services

An event is the easiest way to get people to try a new product or service.  Not only do you get to decide what the attendees try but you can also ensure the overall experience highlights the new product or service.

Launch a new menu, late night snacks, new cocktails. Not only will attendees try the new products the event is a great photo opportunity to gain product shots and post online without setting up a separate photo session.


Attracting Off-Peak Customers

In a large city like Toronto, chances are with the right incentive there are people available for just about any time of day. The key is not to focus on getting regulars to come at another time, but to reach out to those who are generally already available at that time with a little incentive.

While the offer will need to be enticing, calculate the event based on existing resources and staff and plan the event accordingly. Limit attendance and offer to make it easy for existing staff to manage.


Increasing Customer Spend/Maximizing Peak Times

Toronto Common works even for the most successful businesses. A great review, a lot of hype and businesses find themselves booked but with no guarantee of spend.

By hosting a Toronto Common event we can secure a guaranteed spend. While the value still needs to be there, the spend can be higher than your usual customer spend by including drinks, starters, desserts, etc.