Toronto Common Media Events

Thank you for your interest in Toronto Common Media Events!

We’ve had a lot of interest in our regular Toronto Common events from media, bloggers, instagrammers and the like! But because our events are small, micro events, it was difficult to fit in media without changing the dynamic of the event.

Toronto Common is all about a common experience and we currently do not offer any promotional type ticket so all guests have the same experience. While we really value the role media plays in promoting events and businesses, with only 10-20 guests per event it would be difficult to offer promotions to some without others feeling left out, especially when they all sit at the same table.

So instead we thought it would be great to split out media for their own shared experience rather than having a few media guests at our regular events.

This way media attendees can snap away, take notes, meet the owners, etc without changing the flow and social atmosphere of our regular events.

If you’re interested in joining our media invite list please sign up and we’ll send out invites when media events happen.

* Media events will be at the request of individual businesses so not all our events will have a media event.