Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Toronto Common believes in protecting your privacy. Details provided to Toronto Common will only be used to coordinate events, inform you of new events and provide information as requested.

As part of event coordination you will provide your contact details to Eventbrite and will be subject to their policies and we will provide your contact details only for events you signed up for to the venue for that specific event so they can coordinate with you directly if needed. Those details will be subject to that venues privacy policy.

All events on this site are created and managed in coordination with the venues they will be hosted in. Toronto Common works diligently with all venues to ensure that content is correct and all offers are valid.

In order to provide a secure, efficient, and cost-effective service, we coordinate events using Eventbrite. All financial transactions are subject to their policies and we encourage all users to familiarize themselves with those policies if they have any concerns prior to purchase. We will do our best to assist in communicating any error in the Eventbrite service to the Eventbrite team but we are also subject to their policies and decisions.

If you have any direct inquiries about our policies, please contact us at