Epic Ramen Tasting Returns at Ryoji Ramen & Izkaya

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Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya‘s EPIC Ramen Tasting Returns with Toronto Common!

May 31st, 7pm, June 28th, 7pm, July 26th, 7pm

As part of our Anniversary celebration we launched our Epic Ramen Tasting and it sold out so quickly we knew we needed to add more.

Ryoji’s ramen tasting has been one of the most popular and longest running events on Toronto Common, while the EPIC ramen tasting was amazing, it was also a little wasteful so we’ve made one slight change to this event.

Instead of the Tonkostu, Spicy Miso, and Garlic Oil ramen, which are the same broth and noodle with the addition of a signature sauce.Ryoji will be offering their Garlic Oil and Spicy Miso topping to be added to any of the ramens for a mix and match. While Spicy Miso and Garlic Oil are offered on the menu as a Tonkotsu ramen, they are regularly added to other ramens like Shio, Shoyu and Vegetable as well.

Still over 2 regular bowls of ramen in total with 9 noodle tasting dishes plus sake for $28 tax & tip included!

  • Tonkotsu Special
  • Pai Tan
  • Seasonal Special
  • Shio
  • Shoyu
  • Vegetable
  • Okinawa So-Ki Soba
  • Bonito Tonkotsu Shoyu TsukeSoba
  • Spicy Black Sesame Miso Tonkotsu TsukeSoba

* PLUS spicy miso and garlic oil on the side.


Ryoji Ramen & Izakaya
, established in January 2013 in Toronto, but with multiple locations in Okinawa Japan, is the only Okinawan-style Izakaya in Toronto.

With Okinawa’s rich history and slightly different culture from mainland Japan, Ryoji offers traditional and inventive cuisines and ramens reflective of the unique culture of Okinawa.

Simple yet delicate flavours, fresh ingredients, creative cuisine, served in a bistro style.

Staying true to the Ryoji values of gratitude, passion, and awareness, Ryoji looks to evolve their menu with appreciation to their surroundings and to continue to evolve the art of Japanese cuisine.



All tickets must be purchased online the night before the event by 11pm.

No tickets will be available at the door.

Maximum attendance: 12 people

Guests should arrive 5 minutes prior to event to check-in.

Tickets must be presented (printed or electronically) to check-in.

Each ticket is a unique one-time use code and cannot be shared.

This is a communal event, guests will be seated with other guests.

If you have any questions about this event or Toronto Common events in general please visit our FAQ or Contact us directly.


FAQ – Can we make substitutions?

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Generally there are no substitutions at our events.

Part of our offering to businesses in exchange for special pricing is to simplify the customer experience with a set offer and set attendance.

While we do try to offer a variety of items at each event, a variety of events, and are always happy to receive recommendations, most events offer a set offering with no substitutions.

If you require a substitution or have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know prior to purchasing a ticket via email at

FAQ – Why are events communal?

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Toronto Common is more than just great offers, we want to create fun, social events for people with similar interests.

While we will never make you wear name tags, hold hands in a circle, or play icebreakers, we think it never hurts to meet a few new people who happen to share your love of ramen or macarons, or love watching basketball like you do.

We are not a dating site, we are not a networking event, in fact if you want to attend with a few friends and catch up with them but take advantage of our offers that’s totally ok.

But even then, additional guests mean we get better offers, more variety, better energy, and we know in today’s busy world, your friends aren’t always free when you are or they’re not always interested in what you’re interested so it’s also nice to have the option to join a group without too much fuss.

Since venues host each event individually, each event may vary in seating. Some may be one large shared table, others maybe multiple tables. Please read the details of each event before purchasing the ticket.

Or if you would like more information about a particular event or would like to recommend a business please email us directly at

Boozy BINGO! @ 2nd Floor Events!

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Yes, Toronto Common is more than just food!

This Sunday we hosted our first non-food event at 2nd Floor Events‘ Boozy BINGO!

For $8 our attendees got 3 BINGO cards, a dabber, a signature cocktail and a chance to win some great prizes and we did!

In addition, the very generous team at 2nd Floor surprised us with a stack of additional cards, and a few heavy handed drinks extending our planned 2 hour event to 4 hours of fun!

Toronto Common would like to thank all our attendees, our wonderful hosts at 2nd Floor Events, and our new friends at Random Activity Group! Hope to see you all again soon!

For more photos visit our facebooktwitter, & instagram.

Toronto Common partners with local businesses to host fun, social, unique micro-events around the city. Micro or mini events allow for more engaging social settings, more unique offerings, and an overall more manageable experience for attendees & hosts.

Visit our Upcoming Events for the latest events.

To host an event please contact us at

FAQ – How do you pick your venues?

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Toronto Common wants to be a destination for anyone to go and make plans, whether you’re looking for an event in your area, choosing something to do with friends, or finding people who share your particular interest.

We give businesses the opportunity to present their best in an easy, manageable way so we can have a wide variety of events for our attendees.

We do not follow any particular trends or look for any particular type of business.

All we ask is that businesses to be transparent about their offering, have sufficient information for attendees to make an informed decision, whether it be on their website or in their offering, and that they offer something at better value than their regular price offering.

If you would like more information about our events or would like to recommend a business please email us directly at

FAQ – How do you guarantee great value?

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We guarantee our events will always be a better price than walking in as a regular customer and purchasing items individually.

Toronto Common works with our business partners to provide unique experiences for our attendees at a better price than if they walked in on their own, GUARANTEED!

Similar to group buying models, by providing businesses with a group plus set date, time, and confirmed guests, we can negotiate better value for everyone.

However, unlike group buying models, we think there is more to choosing to try a new business than just the lowest price. We want to work with the best restaurants, venues, and locations in the city by providing a unique service and offering that showcases their business, not just beat down their price.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest way to try a new business but the most value overall. We all know we pay for what we get so we encourage our attendees to allow the business to provide the best of their offering rather than just their lowest priced offering.

We’ve found that by allowing businesses to showcase their best, it’s amazing the things they can come up with and by offering businesses that opportunity, we can attract businesses that would never consider being on a group buying site.

If you would like more information about a specific event please email us directly at

FAQ – What if I want to setup multiple events?

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If you would like to setup reoccurring events with the same details they can be added on at the time of the initial setup for $10 per event plus any other applicable fees. Any events added after the initial setup will be the usual $25 per event plus any other applicable fees.

If the event details are different, than each event is setup as an independent event at the usual rates.

FAQ – What if I want change my event details?

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It is important to remember that even with all of today’s instant technology, people do not always see communications right away.

We highly recommend committing to your event details to ensure all attendees get what they are expecting and do not miss any change notices.

In the event that there needs to be changes to the event we will charge $10 per change to update the event online and communicate it to all attendees via email only. If there are many changes, it may be better to cancel the event and setup a new event to ensure that attendees do not miss any changes.

FAQ – Can I buy multiple tickets?

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Yes you can purchase multiple tickets, just update the quantity when purchasing the tickets online.

Please note, if you purchase multiple tickets, all the tickets will be in the name of the purchaser. In the event of a dispute, we will email the email address on file or at the event we will ask for valid ID from the ticket purchaser and coordinate with them only.

FAQ – When will I receive payment?

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Payments are issued 10 business days after the event due to Eventbrite’s payment process.

For those who prefer an expedited payment, we can issue credit card payment at the event for an additional $10 fee.

Payments will be made by email transfer unless otherwise specified.

FAQ – What happens if I need to cancel?

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As of August 1st, 2016 we will no longer be offering refunds for tickets but tickets are transferable with no additional administration or fee.

You can give your ticket to a friend or sell them without having to give us the new name.

Please note: tickets are one time use and must be scanned with the QR code on ticket. We cannot check off names so please have the full ticket electronically or in print available to be scanned. If you do not wish to use data on your mobile carrier, please download the ticket in advance as not all locations will have wifi.

Our cancellation policy has changed because most of our events have been selling out and it’s not fair to those who wish to attend or to the business hosting to have people hold tickets in case they can make it only to cancel at the last minute.

We rarely had cancellations but when we did it was always at the 11th hour when even those on our waitlist had already made other plans.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

FAQ – What happens if I can’t make the event?

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If you’re not sure you can attend the event it’s best not to request to be a coordinator. However, we understand that unexpected events come up so if you must cancel please let us know as soon as can.

Cancellations made prior to the cut off date will be refunded but cancellations after the cut off date will not be refunded.

FAQ – What happens if there are not enough attendees?

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Each event has a minimum and maximum attendance, as well as a cut off date usually 11pm the night before.

If there are not enough attendees by the event cut off date the event will be cancelled and all attendees will be given a full refund through Eventbrite.

Most events are between 10-20 people in attendance so consider sharing to help ensure your event is a success!

FAQ – How much do you charge?

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Toronto Common’s introductory pricing is $25 event fee per event post as well as an administrative fee of $30 plus one free attendance if you would like someone to attend the event to coordinate checkins.

Event fees are paid prior to posting the event and are non-refundable.

Attendance fees will be deducted from ticket sales after the event and are non-refundable.

Eventbrite also charges $0.99 + 6% of ticket price per ticket sold, these fees will be included in the ticket price and should be considered when setting your ticket price.

*All fees are subject to change and will be updated on the website accordingly when available.