What is Toronto Common?

Toronto Common is a fun way to try new things in the city!

Too much choice can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when it comes to making plans, Toronto Common makes it easier by creating small, micro events for less planning, more enjoying, and always at better value than regular price!

Pick an event, share it with friends and everything from date, time, location, menu, even splitting the cheque is done, all you need to do it buy a ticket!

Currently, we’re just in Toronto but we hope soon every city will have a common!


Our first event was hosted December 17th, 2013 at One Hour Cafeteria, since then we have hosted over 200 events!

Toronto Common founder, Alice Tu, started Toronto Common because she loved exploring new cities, meeting new people, and sharing experiences, especially food experiences.

Being a former Food Blogger, Yelp Elite Member, and working as an Online Marketing consultant, she thought businesses often put on media events to attract influencers, but why not attract customers as well?

Toronto Common acts as the influencer, posting regularly online and on social media, and guests get to experience the business for a ticketed price.


  • Smaller so events can be more niche which means more variety and more unique experiences.
  • Usually events are one table for easy planning.
  • Easy to plan, and often on less busy nights like a Monday or Tuesday so it’s easy to schedule and coordinate with friends.
  • Ticketed but always better value so businesses can coordinate easily and guests get the best experience for their money plus no splitting cheques or calculating tip.


  • A dating service
  • A networking service
  • A group buying or deals site

Our focus is on creating fun, social events, that bring people together to try new things.

And while we always guarantee better value so you can rest assured there’s no extra markups, we think businesses offer the best experience when they have the resources to do so.

We like partnering with good businesses and look to build win win relationships for everyone.


If you have a busy lifestyle and find making plans, coordinating with friends, making reservations, following the latest hot spots all a bit daunting, we make it easier with one list of fun events that you can forward onto friends, buy a ticket and you know time, date, place, menu, and even cheque is looked after! Plus we find having a ticket means everyone is more coordinated and there are less last minute changes and cancellations.

If you’re new to the city or you’re busy lifestyle means you’ve given up on coordinating with friends all together (or at least on weeknights) but you still want to go out, we make it easier with events you can easily attend on your own, just purchase a ticket and join us!

If you’re a foodie, food blogger, or just believe variety is the spice of life, we make it easier with lots of menu tastings, family style meals, and coordinated samplings for a complete experience!

If you’re on a budget and like to know what you’ll spend before heading out and like knowing you’re guaranteed better value, our ticket price is clear with no added fees, and even tax & tip is included and we promise to always be better than regular price!We hope you’ll help us continue to grow and build out a common in every city!

If you would like more information about Toronto Common please contact us at info@torontocommon.com and we hope to see you at an event soon!