Why Media Events?

Toronto Common Media Events are designed to make it easier to attract food bloggers & media without the hassle of managing invites and guest lists.

We manage a list of food bloggers that have signed up for our announcements. We also have a list of select media outlets that we send invites to, such as Toronto Life, Toronto Star, BlogTO, etc*.

All our media events are $10 paid tickets by media with a $20 gift card provided by the business**, with the exception of the select media outlets list. Hosts can vet list and invites prior to sending.

We recommend using Media Events to launch Toronto Common events for extra exposure for $100 +HST per Media Event post***. The event details will be the same as the Toronto Common event plus the extra coordination to invite media guests.

Media Events outside of Toronto Common events are $250 +HST per Media Event post***.

For more information on Toronto Common Media Events please contact alice.tu@sustainablemrk.com or by phone at (647) 895-4881.

* Attendance will vary based on timing and interest as with all media events but we make it easier to coordinate with a set service.

** Media outlets are used to attending events for free but managing invites without some form of commitment means attendance is unreliable. The ticket price is to help minimize excessive RSVPs and the gift card is to reward attendees but not meant to cover the costs of the event.

*** Usual one ticket to event and Eventbrite fees apply, $10 x 6% + 0.99 = $1.59 per ticket. Ticket payment will be directly deposited into the event host bank account as specified within 5-7 business days after the event. Eventbrite is a third party service and timing and fees are subject to change but we will do our best to notify all hosts as soon as possible.