Why Offers?

Toronto Common Offers is a great way to capitalize on event exposure.

Toronto Common events are a set offer, set time, set number of attendees that often are meant to take advantage of off-peak times or introduce particular products but not everyone will want to have the same offer or be available at that time.

Toronto Common Offers means those that cannot or do not want to attend the event but are still interested in trying the business have an extra option.

The offers are meant to be small offers, a free starter or dessert, 10% off, or even smaller. Just a little incentive for those that are interested in your business already.

It also a great way to track interest in the business versus interest in the event and we highly recommend using offers that can be tracked through your point of sale.

The Toronto Common team has years of experience creating offers for everything from large national brands to small online stores. We can help create the right offer based on your business needs and create the right terms of use.

Toronto Common is currently a FREE add-on to any Toronto Common event and will run for the length of the event. Offers not associated with an event are $100 per month.

For more information on Toronto Common Media Offers please contact alice.tu@sustainablemrk.com or by phone at (647) 895-4881.