Why Toronto Common?

Toronto Common is not a food blog, food instagram account or “influencer”.

We are a marketing solution designed to bring REAL customers to growing businesses using online tools and incentive based marketing.

We do not run contests, purchase followers or likes, or follow and unfollow to build our audience.

Our goal is to attract REAL potential customers with enticing offers specific to the business with a unique offer in a controlled way.

All our lists and traffic are completely organic and focused on building a Toronto audience.

For example, our largest following is on Instagram with 89% in Canada and primarily in the GTA.

Toronto Common Instagram

As of February 25th, 2015,

* Our stats are changing too quickly to keep up, we recommend visiting our accounts to see the latest numbers.

* Average 15% growth per month

How Toronto Common Works


Toronto Common is a cost effective, easy to manage, targeted marketing tool for businesses to target REAL customers.

Launched in December 2013, Toronto Common combines the benefits of online, social media, group buying, blogs, word-of-mouth, pop-up, SEO, promo and event marketing to create a tool that makes sense for all businesses.

Developed by a career marketer with experience in loyalty programming, and digital marketing for large corporations across 3 continents and now owns her own digital marketing company, SustainableMrk, Toronto Common founder Alice Tu, focuses on bridging the gap between marketing and actual customers.

“The closer your promotion is to your actual business, the more likely you will attract a repeat customer, but we all need a little incentive to try something new.”

Toronto Common offers that incentive with great value, variety and easy planning, while staying true to the original business.


Attracting REAL customers is not easy or cheap so invest your marketing in customers that will come back!

Mass marketing focuses on the bringing your product to large groups often with significant costs.

Create a large event, advertisement, and/or promotion, blast it to as many people as possible, and hope those customers return as regulars.

The challenge with this type of marketing is it’s expensive, is becoming increasing competitive, attracts the wrong type of customer, and provides the wrong type of experience.

With so many businesses giving away more and more, the average large event attendee could live off free events, and often forgets what they had, where they had it, and couldn’t even get it again if they remembered because it was made just for the event.

Plus an attendee looking to follow trends will always be looking for the next trend and are less likely to become a regular.

This kind of marketing worked great for early adopters and can still be effective with the right mix but as the market becomes more saturated, the return on investment for this type of marketing is decreasing and more of a gamble.


Loyalty marketing is about finding customers that already fit your business and giving them a little incentive to give you a try or a little incentive to change their consumer behaviour.

Rather than creating one large event that appeals to many people but deviates from your actual business, we create micro events that showcase your business and aims to attract a customer that’s interested enough to purchase a ticket to your event and therefore is more likely to return.

Free or cheap may draw the crowds but giveaways often encourage poor consumer behaviour.

A paying customer is sometimes harder to find but we think it’s worth it to invest in a customer that’s willing to invest in you.

We try to keep our posting costs low to allow more opportunities to find these customers and use online marketing strategies to amplify reach and make it easy to share.

We also never run contests, giveaways, excessively hashtag or like to gain likes or followers. And we never purchase followers or activity.

Our goal is to grow a list organically of people in Toronto genuinely interested in what we do.

A like or follow can be helpful in determining what our audience is interested in if that list is made up of real potential attendees but an inflated list of followers or likes is harder to gauge actual customer feedback so we focus on potential attendees.


The average person today is busy and bombarded with online messages, sometimes seeing a photo of food, a blog review, or even hearing about an event can be forgotten with another message that comes along.

And coordinating plans, agreeing on when, where, what to order, and who pays what, make it even harder to try new things.

Toronto Common provides a one selection option for those looking for an easier way to make plans. Share our event listing with friends, agree on an event, and everything else is taken care of, right down to splitting the cheque and at a great value, our goal is to make it easier to enjoy a night out any night of the week. You can even attend on your own and make friends!

All they need to do is buy a ticket and everything is arranged.

Plus it makes it easier for businesses too with confirmed attendance and set menus.

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